Friday, 22 May 2015

20mm German Infantry test batch.

Well here's my first squad ready to be based, still in need of a varnish to dull them down a bit which hopefully I'll sort out over the weekend. I'm quite pleased with the colours but I'm thinking that instead of the grey trousers I may just go for the whole uniform in ''Fieldgrau' purely for ease of painting.
I've decided not to use my original Yank infantry figures as, even though they're both Italeri sets they are huge in comparison to their German counterparts. No worry though as they were purely used to test colours so I shall soon be cracking on with the next batch . I think that the set I bought are the newer Italeri US infantry sets and they seem to have grown a few millimetres in the process. Fortunately the older, smaller versions are still readily available and I also have some of the vintage Match infantry which go really well with the German figures..... So, the project is underway, colours all sorted so now it's heads down and get painting!


  1. They look good Steve. You mentioned varnish? I only use Vallejo matt varnish applied by brush and it's very reliable. You read horror stories about varnish going wrong ruining figures.I Use magic wash too at times which leaves a tough shiny finish, but the varnish flattens everything down nicely.

    I can send you half a bottle to try if you like Steve? I always keep plenty here.

    1. E-mailed my address to you Lee. Let me know if you haven't received it!

  2. Lee you're a life saver. That would be great mate. I'll try and figure out how to private message you and forward my address to you. Thanks a lot mate.


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