Sunday, 6 January 2013

WWII 'Simples'

Those of you who read my plans for this year would have noticed that I planned to write up a very simple set of WWII rules for use with my 1/72nd plastic collection.

As a member of the Pz8 Yahoo group, I received notification of a file being uploaded containing a new fast play rule set..... These look just what I had in mind and may save me a job of actually writing my own!

These actually fit onto a postcard! .... That's my kinda rule set!

I prefer my games to be mainly infantry based so these will do me just fine but it would be good to involve the odd AFV now and again so hopefully there will be a simple set of rules to cater for these in the near future.

Here's the mini rule set as it is at the moment. Any suggestions or additions then please leave a comment!

aWhat you need: about 10-30 1/72 or 25mm or 28 mm figures each side, one D6 for each player, a ruler marked in inches (or 25mm segments), terrain elements (the more the better), a 60x80 cm or bigger board.

aEach man moves max. 4+D6”. If the D6 = 1 or 2 the man moves 5” or 6 “ then the turn passes to the other side. A group of men with a Platoon Commander, within 1” each other, can move together rolling 1 D6; but the turn passes automatically to the other side. Moving through rough terrain costs a penalty of 3”. Crossing an obstacle, entering a door or window, etc costs a penalty of 6”.

aInstead of moving a man can shoot. Ranges are: Rifle or LMG = 24”, SMG = 12”, Pistol = 6”. Pistol and Rifle kills with a D6 = 5,6; LMG or SMG with a D6 = 4,5,6. ASR have a range of 24” and kill like Rifles (12”-24”) or SMG (1”-12”). Subtract – 1 if target in cover; - 1 if half range or over; add + 1 for Veteran troops. Men inside woods are visible only within 12”.  If the unmodified D6 =1 or 2 the turn passes on the other side.

aInstead of moving or shooting, a man can throw a Grenade. Range is 6” in the open, 3” in woods, or in close contact with a window, a door or a bunker slit. Grenade launchers, knee mortars and similar, have a range of 12”. Grenades kill with a 4,5,6. After the first kill, roll again for all figures within 1”; or for all figures inside a room or a bunker. If one D6 = 1 or 2 the turn passes on the other side. Each man can carry max. 3 Grenades.

aHMGs need two crew, that move as a team of two men, with a penalty of 3” on all terrains. They have a range of 24” and kill with a D6 = 4,5,6. Subtract or add modifers as other firearms. After the first kill, roll again for all figures within 1”. If one unmodified D6 =1 or 2 the turn passes on the other side.

aFlamethrowers move with a 3” penalty on all terrains. They have a range of 6” and automatically kill all men inside a room or a bunker.

aIf a men moves within 1” from one enemy, must stop and engage in Close Combat. Roll 1D6 for each figure engaged, the winner kills the loser. Re-roll ties. Add + 1 for Veteran, -1 for Green, + 1 for bayonet or katana.


  1. I like your terrain set-up here. I've always felt my own terrain set-ups were kind of "off." What I like about yours is that you have lines of hedge/trees going clean across the table. I think this is a much better idea than the "clumps" and "patches" I've always tended to go with.

    1. Cheers Bard, I'm still a bit short on scenery I'm afraid but at the level I like to play my WWII games (mainly skirmish) it seems to make more sense to use hedgerows and tree lines or small copse's rather than say woods etc. After all even a small woods at this scale would cover half the table!
      I'm hoping to do a few more scratchbuilds this year for my WWII stuff though for my Napoleonics I will be downscaling the buildings to 15mm.

  2. Looks really good Steve, and I like these fast play skirmish type games. The table and scenery are realistic (no hexes!).Glad to see you back enjoying gaming again ..... just when my own mojos gone missing now!Great stuff Steve.


    1. Cheers Lee. ... The wargamers mojo is a strange thing indeed. The second half of last Year I did bugger all yet since the New year I have really found my feet again and I'm back painting Napoleonics and thinking about plans to improve my solo WWII skirmish gaming.
      I'm sure your mojo will return mate.
      All the best,

  3. Very nice and very simple. But I think it is not so complete. Finally, I think Crossfire still is more intuitive and flowing.

  4. Hi Roby,
    I got these rules from the Pz8 website and these to me are really just the 'bare bones' of a rule set. I'll be giving them a try out and giving them a few tweaks. I totally agree that the rules are by no means complete but I do like the simple system.
    I've tried Crossfire and understand that it has a very good following but it really wasn't for me I'm afraid.

  5. Now that really is a simple set of rules! Could be tempting when time is limited and I just want to throw some stuff on the table. Speaking of tables, that's a nice looking set up you have there, reminds me I need to make some more hedgerows!

  6. Hope you don't mind that I adapted them for use with Tanks. Found here. Message me if you want me to take the post down.

    I made sure to credit you, so hopefully there's no issues. :)


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