Friday, 5 April 2013

Hungarian Paint Conversion ... The Result

In my previous post I spoke about the possibility of converting early Austrian infantry figures (wearing the helmet and gaiters as opposed to the later Shako) into Hungarian infantry by purely using a paint conversion. The figures are now finished and awaiting their flocking but I'm reasonably pleased with the affect. Though not completely accurate I think the figures will pass for Hungarian once on the table...

Although the Snappy Nap rule system recommends two bases per 'unit' I have decided to use 'half' bases to better represent unit formations on the tabletop, but more about that in a later post. Anyway that's another unit to add to the collection and now back to painting !


  1. You have me convinced Steve, very nice.

    1. They look right to me!! Nice one!

    2. Thanks Ray. It's surprising what you can achieve with just a couple of different colours of paint. I can't be bothered with head swaps and trimming this and adding that.... I'm much too lazy and no one can tell from a couple of feet away anyway!


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