Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hungarian Infantry?

While looking through my endless boxes of figures recently I came across the Italeri Russian and Austrian Command set. This set is actually quite disappointing as there are only a few actual 'Command' pieces in it and the rest of the box is made up of Russian grenadiers and early Austrian infantry figures.
I painted up the Russian Grenadier figures last year for use as Pavlov Grenadiers.....
(Click images to enlarge)

But this still left quite a few of the early (helmeted) Austrians. Having searched around on the web for a little while I came across some illustrations of Austro-Hungarian Fusiliers wearing much the same uniform...

 so I decided to do a quick paint job on one just to see how it turned out..

A VERY quick paint job just to see how these Italeri figures look.

Though nowhere near 100% historically accurate (The Hungarian troops wore ankle length boots rather than the gaiters on the figures) I'm certainly not going to start converting models in this scale for the sake of one unit but I think they look ok and from 'wargames view' I think they'll pass... Anyway it's my army so they're in!

Apologies for the crap photo's, I'm having a bad camera day.

So, I'll crack on with these and hopefully have them ready soon to join my expanding Snappy Nap forces.



  1. Great looking grenadiers!

    1. Cheers Phil, the Italeri figures are quite nice but they're a bugger to paint!

    2. So...congrats, the outcome is great!

  2. Hi Steve,

    They look really impressive and speaking as someone that will be using Chinese infantry for WW2 Turks I really cannot comment about 100% historical accuracy!

    They look good and are close enough so don't worry!

    The Pavlovs look great as well and what you are doing in 20mm plastic is certainly giving me pause for thought!

    All the best,


  3. These guys look the part; don't worry about the shoes. Anyone looking at your tabletop will recognize them as Hungarians.

  4. The Hungarian units add some sorely needed color to the "White Menace"; they look fine as is, but I'd probably do a "paint conversion" by just painting the short boots on. Very few will notice, I'll bet, and fewer still will care.


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