Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Italeri Pavlov Grenadiers

I know ... two posts in one day .. it's unheard of!

Managed to get my unit of Russian Pavlov Grenadiers based and flocked all ready to hit the table... Hope you like!

If anyone happens to have any of these figures lying around as spares please get in touch.

Click the pic to enlarge and please feel free to leave a comment.



  1. Looking good! Get 'em on the table! :)

  2. They're on the table Andy .. unfortunately there's little else on there at the moment... I'm finding having two forces fight it out over nine Woodland Scenics trees a little wierd ... I really must get some scenery made!

  3. Well, those Pavlov Grenadiers complete a table on their own! They look very nice!

  4. Thats a fine looking unit Steve. What green is that you have used? It's perfect for Russians. Which rules have you settled on or are you still having a few test runs?

    All the best,

  5. Cheers Lee. I do all my Russians in the same style. Undercoated in black matt enamel and then the tunics are gone over withe Tamiya Nato Green acrylic. It gives a nice result and the blac darkens the green nicely. My French and Austrian pieces are undercoated in matt grey enamel as the blac is too dark to give a good finished result. Glad you like 'em!

  6. Like it? No I love them. These are great painted figures!


  7. Thanks Peter... My style of 'simple' painting isn't to everyone's taste (I never use washes and very rarely shade anything) but they'll do for me.


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