Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Italeri Austrian & Russian Command Figures

After a really lazy (and boring) Easter Bank Holiday I've managed to get a couple of Austrian and one Russian Command figures finished up... Over all I'm quite pleased with them...

In the background you can probably see the Russian Pavlov Grenadiers which are waiting for their scatter to be added to finish them off.
Next up I need to paint a couple of Austrian cannon and some French command figures. Originally I'd planned on making the Austrian army the 'main' force of the combined Austro/Russian force but I'm now leaning toward building up the Russian force in bulk to be supported by a smaller Austrian arm. ... but we'll see.


  1. Nice painting. I´m painting Austrian Pioneers at the moment...there´s virtually nothing on the web about them!!!!!!!
    PS..I nearly forgot..Forum for nothing but 1/72nd figs;


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