Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Russian Pavlov Grenadiers (Italeri) WIP

Having decided to finally paint a few Command figures up I picked the Austrian & Russian Allied General Staff set out of my plastics pile to see what goodies were contained therein.... The Italeri set seems a bit of a cop out to me as half the set contains figures from their other Austrian Infantry and Russian Grenadier sets. Even so, I was very taken by the Russian figures so decided to paint a small unit up ... Apologies for the crappy pictures...

I'm no figure painter but overall I'm quite pleased with the figures so far .... even though they are a complete pain in the backside to paint ..... 

Still a bit to do on these figures and the Command figures (1 x Russian and 2 x Austrian mounted Officers) but all being well they'll be on the tabletop very soon.

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  1. Those look great Steve. I like 20mm plastics as they have a special sort of character to them. Look forward to seeing them finished and based up.

    All the best,


  2. A good work, love the drummer!

  3. Cheers Lee and Phil. They are a nice little set of figures although they seem to take an absolute age to paint up! Almost done now though so hopefully they'll be seeing action soon.


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