Thursday, 19 April 2012

French Mounted Officers (Italeri)

More Command figures from the bench. This time the French...

Primed up and ready to go in the background is my next batch of figs, French Grenadiers.


  1. Really nice job Steve. I like the figure leading his horse.

    Good luck against Newcastle today mate, I'll catch the highlights on MotD tonight, I always avoid the scores when I can before I watch it! Should be a great game.


  2. Hi Lee,
    As I've been predicting to the Mrs for the past few weeks, Stoke are getting battered. I predicted 3 - 0 to Newcastle. Stoke's season has been ruined by playing in Europe this season.. too many game with to small a squad. We really need to start spending some money and getting some new blood into the team. .. and getting rid of Kenwyn Jones who is a lazy, waste of a Stoke shirt.


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