Monday, 23 April 2012

Quickie 15mm Building

Over the weekend I decided to have a crack at a 'no frills' 15mm(ish) scale scratch build to see (A) how quick they can be built and (B) what they look like against my 1/72nd figs. After around 3 hours work here's the result:

I reckon there's about another hour to complete this particular piece (paintwork) but overall I think it looks ok as a basic wargame building...

The building is made using foam board, card, an old biro refill, a Wills plastic roof section and a lollipop stick

The underscaled building looks fine against my slightly larger scaled figures and I'm hoping to get a few more buildings finished during the next few weeks. 
As you can see the model is a very basic piece and things like window frames etc have been omitted though I will be possibly adding window shutters later. 

Basic but definitely usable I think.

Here's a couple of shots to show how it looks alongside the figures:


  1. It fits really well with the figures. Very nice work!


  2. Thanks Peter. It does seem to fit well so I'm looking forward to making a few more of these 'basic' buildings over the next week or so.

  3. Looks good, what did the lolly stick do?

  4. Thanks Will. The lolly stick was used to make the doors.

  5. I'm a big fan of your buildings Steve and that 'basic' building looks superb to me and fits well with the figure scale.


  6. Thanks Lee, much appreciated. Hopefully I'll have a few more done very soon!

  7. That is a ripper Steve and it goes so well with those beaut 1/72nd Austrians too!

  8. What exactly did you use to texture the walls? It looks great.

  9. The walls were textured with fine sand mixed with household emulsion paint to form a 'gloop" ten just plastered on using an old paintbrush!


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