Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Plans for the coming weeks

I've got very little time on my hands at the moment due to a heavy workload but I think it's time I started to make some plans to get the gaming underway!

Figure wise I need to paint a couple more Austrian cannon and crew and also around 10 officer figures. This will give me enough complete forces to get going with but I do plan to add more to both my French and Russian forces in the future.

The other project I need to get going on is scenery. My table is all set to go (though again I plan to do some 'scatter' work on it to break up the surface colour in the future) but I need to make roads and buildings. My buildings will be 15mm scale to reduce their footprint on the table and these will be scratch built. I also have a bunch of the Woodlands Scenics tree kits to get together. Hedgerows and walls are also on the list of things 'to do' ..... So, a busy time ahead.

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