Sunday, 11 March 2012

A permanent table last!

Well it's been a long  time coming but as of today I'm now the proud owner of my first permanent wargame table!
I started yesterday by making a simple timber frame...

Next I added two sheets of 25mm polystyrene sheet...

Once the polystyrene was in place I added strips of double sided tape...

Then to complete the job I added a Woodlands Scenics 'Grass Green' grass mat...

After trimming the grass mat the job was done. The table is 8' x 4' and at least gives me the chance to get rolling a few dice at last! The surface will be getting one or two scatterings of different brown and green flocks just to break the surface up a little but overall I'm very pleased to at last have a table to game on.

As with all children ... I mean gamers, I couldn't wait to get a few figures on there!

Still a lot to do including more figures to paint, scenery to get together but I'm getting there!


  1. Great job Steve, very neat and professional looking as usual. What rules do you have in mind? I'm still looking for a set that gives me the kind of fast moving, fun game I like. I don't like getting too bogged down in charts etc. Any ideas? Our unit sizes seem to be about the same.



  2. Hi Lee, good to hear from you and thanks for your kind words. I'm in your camp when it comes to rules and have looked at quite a few sets over the past months including LFS which although seems incredibly simple to some gamers I must admit I still find quite confusing.
    There are one or two free sets which I really like at the moment and if you'd like to receive a list of links to them just drop me a line at

  3. That is a great looking table...nice work


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