Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Hair Today.. Gone Tomorrow

After a reassuring visit to the doctors today I have been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. .... Sounds a lot more serious than it actually is I'm very glad to say. After examining my mystery hair loss my doctor has told me that the hair should grow back in it's own time and has assured me that it has no serious cause...which was my biggest worry.

I did have to tell her that the existing solar panel (as I like to call my bald spot) is completely natural and the actual hair loss is mainly from the back of my head. After a brief examination and a few questions regarding my general health she was satisfied that I had nothing to worry about .... That's all I wanted to hear.

Over the past few days work has also started to pick up albeit slowly (I'm not complaining!), so with a new-found  spring in my step I hope to get back to finishing  my gaming loft project and more figure painting very soon!

Many thanks to everyone for the good wishes I received. They were very much appreciated.


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