Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Loft Project: Almost there!

Having found my mojo again I've been busy doing a little joinery work in the loft. First job was the skirting boards which was easy enough and only took an hour or two to complete. Next up was the two dividing hatches which had to be lined out with a frame before the panels were made to slot in. I've not quite finished these yet but it shouldn't take too long to complete the job.
After this I'll be painting the woodwork and then fitting the carpet .... and the room will at last be ready for me to move into. I'm looking forward to getting the table built and at last getting some gaming done.... Here's a few pics of the job to date....

Hopefully my next posting wil be to announce the grand opening of my new gaming den!
It's all a little different from when I started the project in November 2011..

Apologies in advance to those leaving comments. I can't reply to them at the moment due to some problem with Blogger but thanks to anyone taking the time to leave a comment.


  1. Nice job Steve, looking great. Looking forward to the 'Grand opening' :-) Sorry to read of your 'medical' problems, glad its sorted. I like blogs that reflect all aspects of everyday Life, I enjoyed your earlier posts on the work downstairs on your house, you have great DIY skills. I also write about 'life stuff' as well as painting soldiers.

    All the best mate, I think about you every time I watch Stoke on Match of the Day ..... great team, great manager :-)


  2. Cheers Lee. I've just finished the gloss work and it's taking forever to dry due it being bloody freezing up here! I was hoping to get the carpet down over the weekend but to be honest it's not looking very likely..carpet and sticky gloss just don't mix!
    Thanks for your kind words mate, much appreciated and Up The Mighty Potters!!!


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