Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Wargaming Loft. Update 8th Dec 2011

With the timber work almost complete I have started on the most expensive and time consuming part of the project; Insulating.

I'm using 50mm Kingspan boards which although expensive are widely regarded as the best product for the job as they trap internal heat and reflect external heat during Summer....allegedly. The boards are very light and easy to cut but careful measuring is required to get a snug fit between both rafters and studwork.

Heres' a few pictures to show the work I have just started..... Talk amongst yourselves a little....This could take a while....
The insulation boards going in under the eaves and the roof .
A 30mm gap is left between the tile laths and the Kingspan boards. This is to allow air to flow around the underside of the roof and prevent dry rot forming in the roof timbers.

The timber stud work forming what will eventually be the partition wall between my gaming room and the usual loft storage / junk area.

Well That's it for now. Hopefully the next posting will see the insulating done and me 200 quid poorer!

ORIGINAL CONTRACTORS QUOTE:  (For floor and electric light fitting only) : 550.00


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