Sunday, 11 December 2011

Wargames Loft Update 11/12/11

Quick update to show how the insulating is going .....

The eaves and the roof space are almost complete with just about a quarter of the remaining roof to cover....

Once this is complete I will be inserting insulating boards to the partition wall before wooden battens are attached prior to the plaster boards....

Although I'd hoped that the bulk of the work would be finished before Christmas it now seems unlikely. The insulating will definitely be completed but alas I think that the plaster boarding will have to wait until after the holidays. Realistically I think the project will be completed around the end on January 2012.... Fingers crossed!


  1. I think you're making excellent progress here!

  2. Great progress

    what type of lighting are you thinking about? Now would be the time to start installing that

    good luck

  3. Cheers Peter!... It's coming along now.

    Miles, I'll be installing a simple set of halogen spotlights on a rail once the plasterboards are in and the painting is done. I may also have a couple of floor standing lights too.

  4. Its looking really good, could you come do mine next, I live in Stoke so you wouldn't have to travel far ;)

  5. Cheers Daz ..... Ahhh, sunny Stoke. God's country mate. I'm a Meir lad originally. Where abouts in Stoke do you live? .... I'll be down with my saw and drill after Christmas.

  6. Near the old ground, lived here all me life. I bought a new shed to do me painting in but its bloody cold this time of year, so I think I'll be converting the loft my self some time next year. Just keeping an eye on your progress to see how its done.

  7. I know that feeling mate. I did the same thing. Bought a biggish shed last year but sod that!. Still a bit to do up there in the old loft but it's going to be great to at last to have somewhere permanent to paint, model and at last get some games in!!


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