Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Spirit is alive and well ...

It's good to know that in these troubled times of financial hardship and almost total lack of respect amongst certain sections of our society that there are at least still some good, kind hearted people among us.

Today my heart was lifted by two simple actions by members of my local community.... I shall explain.

Earlier this week one of the headlights on my Wife's car decided to stop working. "Leave it to me my love" said I, "It will just be the bulb and I shall sort it for you" .. After purchasing the bulb I waited until she returned home from work and ventured out into the dark, freezing cold night to come to my fair maidens aid. ... I should have known better. Upon popping the bonnet I found that the access to the  rear of the headlight fitting is was completely blocked by the battery and some other item of electronic jiggery - pokery .... That's  a bloody Chevrolet for you!... I'm no mechanic as you may have realised and decided that this was a job for our local garage.

So, first thing this morning I ventured over to our local garage and asked him if he had time to swap the bulb for me... After partially dismantling the engine (ok, I may be exaggerating a little here) with a set of tools that International Rescue wouls be proud to own, the bulb was fitted and the problem was solved.

Upon finishing the job the friendly mechanic waved away my awaiting wallet and told me that there was no charge!... What a lovely man.... Merry Christmas Mr Mechanic and many thanks for your kindness.

My second experience of good will came from my local builders merchants. Followers of my blog will know of my current loft conversion project, the current phase of which is the fitting of the insulation boards. I purchased my last batch of boards last weekend and the builders merchants informed me then that they were now out of stock but would be available again midweek when their next delivery is made. After fitting my last bunch of boards I reckoned that I needed just 6 more of this type to complete the insulation of the roof so I waited until Wednesday before phoning the merchants again to enquire about stock. I was informed that they hadn't received delivery but that they should be back in stock before the weekend. So, with plans of cracking on with the work this morning I phoned again only to be told that the stock of boards still hadn't arrived and they may not be back in stock until the New Year.... 'Oh well' I'd just have to wait and continue the work after the holidays.

Not so.... 15 minutes after making the call the Builders Merchant phoned me at home to tell me that he had managed to source the last 6 boards that I needed to complete the job... I jumped into my van and drove up to collect them and upon paying I asked where he had manage to get them from. The friendly owner then explained that he too was currently converting his loft space and had 25 boards at home. He explained that he wouldn't get around to fitting them until the New Year and so he had driven home, collected 6 boards for me and phoned me straight back!

It's really nice to know that such people are still about and I thank them both for their kindness. If only everyone was so helpful.....


  1. There is still good in the world! I had a similar experience with Vauxhall Vectra headlight. Eventually my wife took it a garage and it took 5 of them nearly 40 minutes to fit it!
    Good luck cracking on with the attic.

  2. Cheers Andy. I'm hoping to stock up on a few more materials this week so that I can continue the loft job over the holiday period ... My Wife is working between Christmas and New year so I may as well put a few days in to get the conversion a little neare completion.
    Have a great Christmas mate and a Happy 2012 to you and your loved ones.

  3. Hi,

    I just found this blog and have bookmarked it. Love what you're doing with the plastic figures, I've been considering a 'nostalgia' project myself for some time and there is so much choice these days. The loft conversion is coming on a treat and has got me thinking ..... I have a very similar sized space up there myself and the floors already boarded out! I look forward to seeing it finished. How well do you expect the insulation to control temps?

    Great blog,all the best,


  4. Hi Lee
    Welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind words regarding my figures. My painting has taken a bit of a back seat at the moment as my work on the loft is taking priority.
    The loft is coming along nicely now and I'll be popping my last update before Christmas in a day or two with up to date pictures of the progress.
    Thanks again for your comments.
    Merry Christmas!


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