Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Loft update 30/11/11

Today I started work on the stud work for the dividing 'wall' between the two halves of the loft space...

It's beginning to feel like a room at last!....

The bottom 'square' on the right of the frame will become a set of doors to form a hatchway into the storage part of the loft along with another set which will be on the other side. The framework sill needs a couple more pieces (or 'noggins')  putting in to finish this half and then its just a matter of making a mirror image of it on the other side of the central roof support (which can be seen in the centre) .... It's taking shape.


  1. I really do have a life - a wife who's company I treasure, plenty to read and paint, etc. - but watching your progress here is fun!

  2. Cheers Frank. I'm sure it'll all be worthwhile eventually!


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