Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Right Pain in The Hussars!

Today I finally finished my first 6  Italeri French Hussar figures.. Just the bases to flock.

Even with my basic paint style, the figures seemed to take an absolute age to paint!...

...... and having just looked at these photo's I've realised that I've forgotten to paint the stirrups in!

The Italeri figures are nicely detailed but I won't be painting any more of these in a hurry! .....Oh how I hate figure painting!


  1. These are the 4e Hussars, right? Happens to be my personal favorite French Hussar regiment and the first Hussars I ever painted. They look *great*, perhaps the nicest unit I've seen you do yet! Yes, they are a pain to paint because of all the lace, the piping in the facings, and all the other little details, but the result is worth it!


  2. Yay! I was hoping someone would recognise them as the 4e Regt. I am quite pleased with the paint job but I must admit to being slightly brain dead once they were complete. Thanks for your kind comments Peter.

  3. fantastic looking figs...perfect color green...nice work


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