Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Lofty Venture....

My dastardly plans to invade our loft space are slowly taking shape. Today my Wife and I had a very nice man come and visit us to price up the 'dirty part' (Ooooh errr!) of the loft conversion, namely putting a new loft hatch in, laying floorboards and fixing lights up there.

The quote for the  work was very reasonable and hopefully the first stage will commence very soon, funds allowing.

While it would have been nice to convert the whole of the roof space for my gaming it is unfortunately not possible due to the position of the main support beams but still I should end up with room for at least a 8' x 5' gaming table.

Once the flooring etc is down then I will be taking over and lining the roof and plasterboarding the walls. I'll also be adding shelving in the eaves of the roof for figures, books and scenery etc.

It will be a while before the loft is complete but hopefully it will be worth the wai and I'm really looking forward to getting moved in!


  1. Don't forget the insulation, I used to game in an uninsulated attic and either the rest of the house got cold or you covered the access and froze!!

  2. I certainly won't forget! The floor joists will be insulated before the floor boards are laid and also the underside of the roof will be also insulated before they're covered.... After last winter there's no way I'd forget to do this!!


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