Wednesday, 26 October 2011

HaT Russian Cuirassier ... WIP

My latest painting job is the HaT Russian Cuirassiers (set 8016) ....

I'm just finishing off the riders' mounts at the moment so more pics will appear when they're complete.
Needless to say like all cavalry pieces, they're a complete pain in the backside to paint but I'm sure they'll be worth it once fully completed!

After these I'll be painting up the remaining French Hussars figures to complete that unit..... I'm actually looking forward to getting back to the boring old line infantry!


  1. Look good, Steve!

    Are you going to do a trumpeter (red crest, lace of color determined by regiment on arms - see my Chevalier Guards, for example)or standard bearer - the Russian Cuirassier standards are pretty nice looking, usually gold or silver design on a background of the facing color of the regiment).


  2. Thanks Peter,

    Unfortunately there's no trumpeter figure in the set!


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