Saturday, 29 October 2011

HaT Russian Cuirassier completed!

I'm pleased to say that my latest addition of a 12 figure Russian Cuirassier regiment is complete....

The HaT figures are not too bad in quality bit I do prefer the Italeri cavalry figures some of which are next on my 'to do' list (more French Hussars!)

Overall I'm very pleased with how these turned out and even though my paint job is still very basic compared to some I do feel that my painting is improving..... Can you hear that?...That's me blowing my own trumpet!

Anyway, that's another unit that will eventually make it onto my table  (work starts on the wargaming attic soon!) and yet another batch of figures I need to store somewhere until I'm ready to get gaming!
All comments welcomed as per usual.


  1. What a smashing looking unit,a very clean and neat paintjob and the "old school" plain bases set them off beautifully.

  2. Nice work, Steve!

    Sorry I haven't been commenting on your progress, but for some reason my list of blogs I follow has trouble finding this blog; it always takes me to an older version. Hopefully I've remedied that now!

  3. "I do prefer the Italeri cavalry figures"

    I think you're too good on the Hat figures. I've always found the horsemen horrible. Their infantry is okay, but the lack of detail is... i can't find any word.

  4. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen. I must admit that I'm pleased with how these turned out but will be even happier when the next 6 x French Hussar figures are finished and I can get back to the infantry for a while!

  5. Greta figures and a splendid paint job to boot!!!


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