Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Italeri French Hussars Completed!

Tonight I managed to finish off the last 6 French Hussar figures to make up my French 4th Hussar unit ...

A colourful bunch I'm sure you'll agree!

The set also includes this bugler who wears the 'reverse colours' of his unit.... This gave me the chance to have my first attempt at a white horse.... Not too bad for a first attempt I suppose.
You may notice the base colours differ in shade slightly. This is due to the fact that some of them haven't had chance to dry out properly yet.....

Well, that's 4 x cavalry units completed now and I'm glad to see the back of them!... Time to get back to the foot-sloggers. It will be good to get back to doing line infantry after all this fiddly work...... Hope you all like them and please feel free to leave a comment.


  1. They look good, the bugler especially.
    I think these are the nicest ones yet!

  2. Um, nice work but the horse tack for the continental cavalries were black leather, not brown.

  3. Life's too short to worry as to whether a units horse tack was black or brown surely?

  4. Steve, if you've answered this question already, please forgive the repetition. How do you prepare your plastic figures for painting? Do you wash them in anything in particular first? Prime them, and if so, with what? I've read about mixing white glue & water to help paint "stick" to soft plastic, etc. - what works for you?

    Thanks in advance for the time!

  5. Hi Frank,
    I undercoat all my figures in a Matt grey enamel paint prior to painting. I choose grey but you could quite easily use any other colour I suppose. I used to use black but it tends to darken the more vivid colours such as yellows and whites etc.
    I use a mixture of both enamel and acrylics on my figures without any problem. Hope this helps!

  6. Steve, thanks. So far, I've just acquired/painted the harder plastic sets by Italeri and Zvezda, so I'm not that worried about paint sticking to them. But, Waterloo 1815's Prussian Infantry is a tempting set, and its in the softer plastic - hence my search for advice.

    I'm enjoying your progress - please keep posting to TMP - and good luck with that attic!


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