Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dapol OO Scale Church

As the first part of my planned Napoleonic armies reaches its completion, I've begun to turn my thoughts to model buildings to use on my tabletop battlefields. I was considering using 15mm models alongside my 1/72nd scale figs as I thought that correctly scaled models would have too big a footprint on the table. I then came across this OO scale model church on ebay and it is now winging it's way to my mail box ...

The church (which is in kit form by the way) will I think, be slightly smaller in scale than my figures and I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks when placed alongside my formations. 
I'll post pics when it is built but if anyone else out there uses this popular model railway scale with their 1/72nd's  I'd be interested in hearing their views.

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