Saturday, 8 October 2011

HaT Austrian Grenadiers

Here's my first 12 Austrian Grenadier figures ready for basing.... (Click on images to enlarge)

Although I wasn't overly impressed with the quality of the figures, especially the faces which are really not well defined, the figures do look pretty good (to me anyway!) painted up.

I did have a problem gathering info on what the top of the bearskins looked like. After several differing opinions  from folk on TMP and looking at painted versions of these figures on the HaT website I eventually settled on this ......

I don't know if this is the correct design but it looks ok to me. 
The French Grenadier figures (again from HaT) which I was also planning on painting up have been put to the bottom of the plastics pile as I really don't like them. HaT obviously employed a different sculptor for the French Grenadiers, they are way taller and 'dumpier' than the usual HaT figures. I'll be replacing these shortly with either Italeri or Zvezda figures.

Anyway, here's the Grenadiers in action...

Up next will be French Hussars.... Stay tuned!


  1. They look fine; above the cockade on the side of the bearskin (which is black-inside-yellow), that stuff sticking up is a sprig of oakleaves, commonly worn by Austrian troops in the 1809 war.


  2. I'd forgotten to do those!...Thanks Peter.


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