Monday, 3 October 2011

1st stage of my Nap project is complete ... well, almost!

At long last the first stage of my Napoleonic project is complete... give or take a few 'finishing up' jobs. My initial aim was to produce two small forces (which I loosely call a Division) with which to start gaming with. My first force is this combined Austrian / Russian division comprising of 3 x infantry brigades, each of 3 battalions, 2 x artillery batteries and a light cavalry regiment (Cheveux leger) :

Click pics to enlarge!

As you can see, there's still some scatter to add to the artillery pieces and my lone flag bearer will have a few companions which will be divided between the ranks.... By the way, a big, big thank you to Peter Anderson in the USA who kindly printed and sent me loads of lovely flags for use in my project. They're on my list of 'to do' things Peter!

The next phase will see the addition of 3 x battalions of Grenadiers, a further cavalry regt. (Dragoons as I can't find Austrian Hussars in plastic!) and a further gun battery plus brigade command stands.... This is for the future though as for now I need to get some scenery together for both this and my planned WWII Fubar skirmish games.... I will post further pics of my French force soon. This is now also complete and consists of  an equal force to those shown here..... My gaming days are finally getting nearer!


  1. Fantastic work Steve - thanks for sharing.

    I highly highly highly recommend that you start gaming with them ASAP. Dont wait for the French to come along - conduct 'friendly training manoeuvres' between what forces you already have.

    Hone those battle instincts, and start opening the can of worms known as rulesets, modifications to rulesets, and scenery mods. Try and hit it whilst its hot ... and before period creep raises its ugly head as well :)


  2. Well at Least Put Him in Exile (Boney) So we can Wargame again!!

    Nice work!, you have Just under 90 days to up your Tally of figures painted....

  3. Many years ago I used Airfix British Hussars with head swaps for Austrian Hussars.

  4. Cheers everyone, thanks for leaving comments here on the blog. @ Steveoc: I don't need to wait for the Frenchies .. They're already completed ... 1st stage anyway, and are an identical force in compisition to the Austrian / Russian force shown.
    @ Fire at Will: Having looked for months for Austrian Hussars in plastic at the 1/72nd scale and finding none available (why is a complete mystery to me!) I've decided to add Russian Hussars instead to beef up the smaller Russian contingent. Zvezda make a lovely set of these figures :

  5. Lovely little army...makes me want to start my own 1/72nd Napoleonic regiment..just the one mind:-D


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