Tuesday, 27 September 2011

What a drag real life can be!

After getting a good few figures painted up last week, the past 7 days has seen me being able to do absolutely nothing more on my current batch of figures.

Real life stuff can really mess up your wargaming / painting plans eh? ... The frustrating part is that I can 'see the finishing line' in the distance, that is to say that when the last current batch of French artillery and infantry figs are finally complete, I'm almost done on the first part of my Napoleonic project.

This first phase sees me with the following units and enough for me to turn my attention to buildings and scenics and ultimately to finally start gaming ... albeit in a small way:

9 x French infantry units
2 x French Light Cavalry units
4 x French Artillery pieces.

6 x Austrian infantry units
3 x Russian infantry units
2 x Austrian Light Cavalry units
4 x Austrian Artillery pieces.

The next 'painting phase' will see me painting Grenadier units, light infantry units and more cavalry ... both light and heavy.

Anyway, back to real life and all the crap that goes with it ....... Must make time this week to make that final push!

Thanks to those who have kindly commented on my 'old school' painting style ... your comments and encouragement are very much appreciated!


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