Wednesday, 21 September 2011

HaT Austrian artillery in the old school style!

I've just completed my two Austrian artillery units for my slowly expanding Napoleonic forces. The figures are from the HaT range and although not mind blowingly detailed will suffice for my planned gaming venture...

As with all my Nap figures these have been painted in the old school washes, no attempt at shading, just bog standard colour added to the figures. The base will simply be painted in the matching green shortly.

I made a concious decision when starting this project that I wouldn't become bogged down in painting and basing and my very first ambition is simply to get painted forces onto the tabletop as quickly as possible to allow me to start gaming. I do however, take time to paint the figures neatly and in the future I will come back to each unit and refine it's paintwork and their bases.

This project is a little different than my WWII skirmish project in that I do take a little more time (though not as much as some!) in painting and basing the WWII figures (click here to take a look). When there are only a handful of figures on the table I think it's important that the figures and the scenics look as good as I'm able to make them look.
With the Napoleonics I'm going for the more 'en masse' approach so individual detailing in my humble opinion is just a waste of effort and valuable gaming time!

I did start on a Russian battery but alas I have to say that unusually  the HaT figures in this set are absolutely terrible. The crews are extremely thin looking and the heads look ridiculously small in comparison to the torso. .... I  may go with the Zvezda set for these....but at a later date as some French artillery now awaits the brush!


  1. There´s No school like the old school. They look very good

  2. Cheers Paul. Keep it simple, that's what I say!

  3. Very nice,the old school style suits them very well.

  4. Thanks Paul. The French artillery are currently on the bench and are coming along nicely... Will be nice to actually start gaming at some point although I must admit I'm getting a strange pleasure from painting at the moment.... something I usually find a complete chore..... I may have to go and see someone about that.

  5. Liking the old skool look - keep up the good work.

  6. Cheers Steve .... Getting there slowly!


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