Wednesday, 3 June 2015

20mm WWII : Progress so far

As you can see the painting table is looking a little chaotic at the moment but progress is being made..

Looking a bit crowded on there at the moment. May be time for a sort out before moving on to the next batch of infantry!

Ok,so these figures are done and dusted apart from a bit of flock on the bases. 3 x 8 man infantry squads each for both the German and U.S. forces so far plus a command and assistant figure.
U.S. Sherman and Panzer III built and receiving their base colour.

 Slowly getting there but putting no pressure or time limits on myself and really enjoying painting again!
U.S. mortar team, forward observer and LMG almost complete.


  1. Great progress, Steve!

    The painting table needs more Napoleonics, though... :-)


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