Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Problems already!

I'm current,y really frustrated over colours to use on US and German infantry uniforms! It's driving me up the wall. I've tried every colour combination I can think of and I'm still not happy!

Anyone out there can help?


  1. What period of WWII (not that it matters too much)? For the Germans a dark grey, wash it with black ink, and if you're anal, a slightly lighter dry brush of the base colour (tiny bit of light grey in it).. for the Yanks, same but instead of dark grey, olive green, and instead of black ink a chestnut.....

  2. Cheers Steve, I think I may have cracked the Germans. Field green tunic, dark grey trousers and helmet seems to look ok... so far.
    As for the Yanks I'll give them a go. I really don't want to get bogged down with the painting if I can help it as it usually ends up with the project getting shelved and that's the last thing I want.
    Thanks for the info.

  3. Steve the war gamer is onto it, as are you. Add a touch of white mixed into the OD to lighten up some of the yank clothing, Don't get too hung up on it. Use the three foot rule. If it looks all right three feet away, it must be!

  4. Hi Steve, great to see you back again and I'm glad you kept the collection :)

    As for WW2 shades, well I had the same struggle to get it right until I discovered vallejo 'German Field Grey' (which is actually, as you say, more green/ grey), and 'US olive drab' ..... job done. Still, I wish you well with it and I'll follow along.

  5. How ya doing Lee? Yes, I've been lured back mate, I had withdrawal symptoms from the smell of enamel and white spirit. Got my colours sorted at last but I am in need of a good Matt varnish ... brush on preferably. My Germans have come out really shiny so I need something that will flatten them down. If you know of anything then please let me know!


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