Tuesday, 30 October 2012

V&B Arrives!

The copy of V&B I managed to get a hold of has arrived from the U.S. today! (Thank you Dave) and I'm really looking forward to giving these rules a go on the tabletop.

Things are a little hectic here (as per usual) at the moment, both on the work and home front so it may be a little while before I get around to trying them out and writing up my views on them. The actual game system looks very simple and that to me is a big bonus as I hate trawling through charts and calculating this, that and the other.... No, simple is fine in my book.

My infantry figures are presently mounted 2 per 25mm x 20mm base but it shouldn't pose a problem. So long as both opposing forces are based in the same manner then the rules should work just fine. All being well and I really take to the system, then I will re-base my existing figures to suit (10 - 12 x 1/72nd figures on a 3" square base to represent 'massed' infantry brigades)

The movement distances in V&B are quite large as each game turn represents 1 actual hour of combat and this is my only concern as my table is only 4' wide (x8' length) ... So perhaps a cut in movement distance?.... or time to widen the table?

If anyone has played V&B I'd be really interested to hear how they went on so please leave a comment.

Cheers all,



  1. You can simple reduce distances ;-)


  2. Hope they turn out to be the right set of rules for you Steve. Let us know how it goes.


    1. They look really promising Lee and I'm really looking forward to trying them out. I'm still really short on scenery at the moment and it's time I invested a bit of time in making some.

  3. The easiest way is simply to reduce the base size. However, that looks like it won't be an option since you have decided on a large base. If you hadn't I'd have taken a look at a 40mmx40mm or 1.5"x1.5" vase with 6-8 figs per base. Then you table would be able to run games using half scale measurements allowing you to do almost any battle. Simply reducing movement WILL alter the game. Ranges and movement are tied together along with the footprint of Divisions and Corps.

    Good Luck,

    John Leahy


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