Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Cigarettes and Volley & Bayonet

It's now 5 weeks and 2 days since my last cigarette and at long last the cravings seem to be subsiding!!!!

I've now been issued with the next batch of 'medium' dose nicotine patches but in all honesty I haven't worn one now for 3 days and I actually feel better for it. I'm waiting to see how things go for the next day or so and if all goes well I may just go 'cold turkey' for the rest of the journey.... I think I may just have gotten over  the hardest part.

Anyway, enough of my cigarette related drivel and on to the more important subject of wargaming!

Over the past few weeks I've been looking into the Volley & Bayonet rule system and from what I've seen I think they may just be what I've been looking last!

The rules allow large scale games to be fought out in a relatively short time ..... not as the 'time' part matters as I'm lucky enough to have a permanent gaming room. The other thing I like is that 'units' on the table represent brigades and thus the base sizes (rather than the number of figures based upon them) is the major factor...... No need to paint thousands of figures....Another big bonus!

I have looked at several other rule sets over the past months including LFS, Grande Armee and Shako....but none of them grab me  and to be honest I found several of them extremely long winded..... A game may be simple to play ONCE you 'know' the rules but if you lose interest before reaching this point then I'm afraid they're of no use to me.... My attention span shortens by the ....... What was I talking about?

V&B has been the first set that has really grabbed my attention and actually got me excited again at the prospect of gaming.... I'm even contemplating re-basing my forces entirely for V&B!..... I know, it's unheard of.... I may have actually found that elusive 'perfect' (for me anyway!) rule set.


  1. Well done on ditching the evil weed!

    Never playede V&B so will follow your progress with interest. We need some decent Naps rules so these could be them!

    1. Cheers Phil,
      Like most rule sets it's another one of those 'love 'em or hate 'em' jobs. It's quite abstract in it's approach but there is definitely something about it that I like and I'm looking forward to getting started with it.

  2. Well done on giving up the weed i used to smoke and have stopped for a good number of years now

  3. Fiest, congrats on the progress with staying quit. Statistically, the blonger you use the patch, the more likley you arer to stay quit ijn the long haul. The key thing, though is not to have that first one... ever again - about 50% relapse rate wiuth just a single cigarette.

    V&B, while not my personal cup of tea, is a time tested set aimed at big battles, so not at all a bad choice. C&C Napoleonics might also be of interest (and could almosat certainly be used with essentially the same basing, depending upon "hex" size.


    1. Thanks Peter,
      I'm not using the patches day in and day out and so far I feel much better than I did when I was religiously popping one on every morning. ... So far so good and I'm feeling quite confident that I shall remain 'quit'.I know what you're saying about V&B, it's not everyone's cup of tea but I think it will give me the type of games I'm looking for.

      All the best

  4. Steve,

    Great to hear that you are staying strong AND have found a set that suits you. We are spoilt for choice with rules for Napoleonics to the point of bewilderment. There are some gems, but plenty of ordinary rules, so it is always good to find a set that suits ones scale, biases and approach to the games.

    Can we look forward to a battle report soon?!


  5. Good post, just found this from google. Be interested like other gents in hearing what u like and a battle report.

    Also sounds like ur doing great on ur stop smoking campaign!


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