Monday, 3 September 2012

Still Experimenting!

Having decided several weeks ago to just give up on Napoleonics I now find the troops back on the table..... What a fickle hobby this is.

For a while now I've been looking at a way to use the boardgame Command & Colours Napoleonics rule system on the tabletop without the need to 'hex' my playing surface.

I do like the simplicity of the C&CN rules and the way in which the combat / morale affects are immediately resolved by the die rolls. However, the major drawback for me is the card driven activation as I personally don't like the 'card hand' approach and as such I'm currently working on a simple system whereby a Commander is activated rather than a sector of the field. The activated commander then rolls to ascertain the number of units within his control radius which he can activate (commanders rolls are adjusted according to class) Once his chosen units have moved or been earmarked for ranged combat the commander is then allowed to move to a new position within his command radius to what will hopefully be an advantageous spot  ready for his next activation.

It's all very experimental at the moment but the basic combat / movement is based on the existing rule set. Once I'm satisfied that I've got something to show then I'll post my adaptions along with some photographic examples of play.


  1. Told you you'd get the "bug" again; glad to see it!

    Isn't there a group of gamers, ? in Belgium, that have a developed a set of rules for miniatures based upon C&C - I think without the hexes? I know I've seen their website. May be worth asking on TMP.


  2. You did Peter, you did. It's really weird how your enthusiasm for a certain era can dwindle only to be rekindled in the space of a few weeks?

  3. Good to hear this Steve, you put in too much work to just give it up, but I understand just how these things go. I'll look forward to seeing what you do here with C&CN.



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