Monday, 21 May 2012

Napoleonic Rules: Back to my roots!

After spending months trawling through endless sets of Napoleonic rules either purchased or free via internet downloads I've made the decision to forget them all and do what I did when I was a kid and write my own very basic set to use in my own games.

Although having so many sets readily available these days is amazing it can also be somewhat of a curse. You find a set that interests you and then within a day or so you're reading another! For my own sanity this has to stop! With this in mind I decided over the weekend to forget everything I'd read and every rule set I'd set eyes on over thast few months.

My own set will be mega simple.........just like the good old days when I first began wargaming. The rules will be made to suit me and my gaming and that's really all that matters surely? Of course 'tweaking' is inevitable but as a solo gamer it won't cause any great problem.

So that's it. Decision made. Home brew rules here I come!


  1. Hi Steve,

    I understand totally how you feel! I have been going through the same trauma, endless sets of rules and going nowhere. In my case I now have it down to three final contenders, Polemos, Paintingshed and also Commands & Colours, Napoleonics. The last set are infact a boardgame set but used by Tony/Foy in his games. They look brilliant, only thing is they work on a hex grid table. But they are very simple in play but complex in design, I may well give them a go in future.

    Anyway, I'm glad you have finally settled on your rules as it can be real frustrating and undermine the pleasure of the hobby. Are they based upon the rules on your blog?

    All the best,


  2. Writing your own rules for solo argaming; surely.a recipe for argument-free wargaming!

    We look forward to you sharing the nuts and bolts of wNapileonic Wargaming Rules Set X with your wargaming E-mates!



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