Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A little more progress on the scratchbuilds

Here's the two small houses I'm currently working on which are down-scaled (roughly 15mm scale) for use with my 1/72nd scale naps........

I'm now onto the painting stage and the base coats are read for weathering.

Adding the window shutters.

Looking forward to at least having a few buildings to put on the table at last!

I've been contacted by several gamers interested in purchasing pieces like this for use in their own games (these would suit any 15mm scale game) and although I won't be taking commissions I am keeping records of sizes and plans etc so that I can reproduce the buildings if needed.

If there was enough interest then I would possibly consider producing these to sell so please let me know if these or pieces like them would be of interest to you.



Here's the pieces painted up and ready for the scatter and foliage to be added to the bases:

And here's the bigger piece finally finished up with the window staves fitted:

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