Monday, 30 April 2012

More 'down-scale' scratchbuilds

Having had a lovely weekend with my kids and family in Stoke-on-Trent I've got straight back into making the scenery for my Naps project. After completing my first 'down-scaled' piece to see how it looked alongside my 1/72nd plastic figures I've decided that these will be just right for the job.

My second pieces are a couple of small houses each one 60mm (L)  x 50mm (W) x 50mm (going upto 80mm at the apex) in height.

Here we see the pieces cut from the foam board:

Above and just to the right you can see the first of these little houses after it's been assembled. Here's a closer picture:

The edges of each of the four wall sections are cut at roughly 45 degrees so that the corners are neat and fit together nicely. The windows and door opening are cut out before the walls are glued together. The door is made from a lollipop stick and is cut slightly larger than the opening. After the planks are scored onto the surface (using a sharp blade followed by a more rounded modelling tool to open the gaps slightly) the door is slid into the opening in the foam board from underneath and then backed with PVA to stop it from falling out.

In the background you can see me adding centre staves to the windows of the first model I made using trimmed down slithers of the lollipop stick. This just breaks up the window opening a little and adds to the overall effect.
The roof will be one of the Wills plastic tile sheets (as is the one on the completed model) and these will be added soon. 

These really are very simple and quick little models to make and I'm finding the foam board really easy to work with. If you've never tried the stuff I'd urge you to give it a go!


Ok, so I had a bit of time this evening and managed to fit the roof panels to both models and texture one of the buildings read for painting:

The texture is a simple mix of ordinary household emulsion and fine sand. Luckily the colour I had knocking around in the shed makes for a good base coat for painting. These two models will be painted in a similar colour scheme to the finished model and I think the three pieces should form a decent little 'hamlet' for the tabletop.

I'll post more pics of these pieces once they're painted up.


  1. Those are great Steve, really look good. The rendering texture looks realistic and I like those 'lolly stick' doors. I look forward to seeing them all finished.

    The Stoke mug made me smile too Steve :-)

    All the best,

  2. Cheers Lee. That's quite spooky, I was looking at your 95th rifles just as your comment came through! ... very nice they are too!
    My Stoke mug is a permanent fixture when I'm 'creating' .... The mug never has chance to cool down I'm afraid.

  3. Great stuff Steve! You make them look so simple that I'll have to have a go!


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