Sunday, 26 February 2012

Looking up

Well (and I say this with fingers crossed!) things seem to be picking up slowly and work is beginning to come in at last. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll finally be able to get my table built and get started on the scenery for both my Napoleonic and my WWII skirmish projects.

While on the subject of buildings I've decided to 'down scale' the buildings I shall be using for my Naps to 15mm.  This will cut down on the actual footprint of the models while still looking ok against the 1/72nd figures. The buildings for the WWII project will be more to scale with the figures as I'll be playing small scale skirmish games in this era.

As for where I get these models from is yet another question as there are very few models that have yet to catch my eye (although I do like some of the 15mm models produced by Total Battle Miniatures and Hovels).

The other option would be to scratchbuild which I have done before and really enjoyed.....

A scratchbuild from a couple of years ago
 .... but the question is will I be making yet more work for myself when I could be gaming? Something for me to ponder on while the table gets built.


  1. Nice Blog mate, link added. BTW, love the games room

  2. Do you ever ponder that actual scale to base scale works? Most 28mm gamers use nice large buildings but then use a figure ratio of say 20 ro 40 to 1 with an entire battalion then being placed in said building? Iv'e tended to using smaller scale building with my 28mm's when I'm doing ratios. Just food for thought.


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