Sunday, 19 February 2012

February Blues....

Work is currently pretty dire at the moment and as a result funds are low..... no, let's say funds are 'none-existent'  Hence things have come to a bit of a halt with the exception of the figure painting which trundles on in earnest.

I'm currently having a short break from the Napoleonics and concentrating on my WWII skirmish figures (Valiants). I thought it was time for a bit of a rest from the rather tedious Napoleonic figure painting but I'm sure once the new table does get built I shall return to them to bolster the existing  forces.

The plans for the new table and scenery are unfortunately on hold now until my work situation picks up and there's a few more pennies coming in through the door.

Oh well, here's hoping things pick up soon and I can start earning a few quid again!

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  1. Quick update: Dare I say it?.. Work is slowly starting to pick up....Very slowly.


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