Monday, 14 November 2011

The wargames loft ... The dreaded electrics

I've come to the part I'm not particularly looking forward to... The light fitting. Now  I've bought a light kit which comes with everything I need, light holder (a temporary fitting as I want to install a halogen spot light fitting once work is complete), cable, junction box, switch and most importantly the wiring diagram.

It looks quite straight forward, the diagram isn't too hard to follow but first I need to source the power from an existing light cable that's already up there in the loft. ... Again This doesn't seem too difficult. I've found a suitable wire that runs from one bedroom to the bathroom and so this must be part of the 'ring' circuit and hence must be permanently live.... To create a flow of electricity from this cable it has to be spliced and the junction box fitted. Once this is done cables from the junction box to the switch and  the light fitting are fed ..... It's just that initial cutting of the ring circuit that has me a bit concerned.. I know a sparky would be there 5 minutes and slash happily away at the cable to install the junction box but you know when you're just not 100% sure?

Anyway, it has to be done and what's the worse that can happen? ... Firstly I'll kill the power supply at the fuse box, cut the wire and install the junction box...... Wish me luck!

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