Tuesday, 22 November 2011

More work on the Wargames Loft...

I 've managed to put another couple of hours in today and managed to finish off the studwork under one of the roof eaves ....

I won't be able to get back to do any more work up there until the weekend now due to work and the next job will be to do the same again under the other eaves on the opposite side... I took my time here as I was a little worried about dislodging any roof tiles but I think I got away with it.
Once the stud work is complete the next job will be to staple the insulating foil to both the stud work and the underside of the roof. This should make it a little less draughty... I hope! 
After this comes the plaster boarding . This will be an awkward job as I shall have to slice the boards in half to enable me to get them through the loft opening but once done I will really be on the home straight....  A lick of paint, a carpet and replace my bulb with a spotlight fitting ... Job done.


  1. I surely don't want on rain on your parade mate, but,unless you've got plans for a rooflight, you're gonna die up there in the summer. We've got pretty much the same arrangement (but it got invaded by two kids and a wife!) and any time from about April to October, it's a quick raid to get what you want and out again unless it's a cold summer, which isn't impossible here.. The rooflight is for next year.

  2. Lol, You may be right there Joe though I do live in Durham where the only way we can tell it's Summer is by the shorter length of the icicles hanging from the roof! I'll see how I go next Summer and then may decide to get a sky light put in.

  3. I started wargaming back when I was about 14 or so, and the only place in my parent's home that would fit my table was their large but completely uninsulated Attic. Located in Southern New England, it was incredibly hot in the summer, and very cold in the winter. Guess what? We still played a ton of games up there over the following 3-4 years! my current table is the large basement of our home (a common feature in the US if not elsewhere - cool in summer, warm in winter... just no real "wall" space to hang prints and other decorative stuff.

  4. I will just be happy to finally have a designated room for my gaming whether it's yoo hot or too cold... I don't mind!.... In Winter I'll get hold of a couple of small fan heaters if needs be and likewise a couple of fans will suffice for those long hot Summer days that the UK is so well known for.... That last bit was a joke by the way. Summer and Winter here are only differentiated by the length of daylight and the variety of grey sky.


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