Friday, 27 May 2011

A little comfort ... at long last!

Nothing to do with wargaming but I have to share my joy in having at last finished the first stage of our house renovation!

My wife and I moved into our old terraced house almost exactly one year to the day and my first job (and the biggest) was to get our lounge and stairs brought upto date.

Heres a pic of what I started with....

This shot was taken just after I'd stripped the walls and decided to suspend a new ceiling..... Believe me, attaching 15' wooden battens to a ceiling on your own is no fun and holding plasterboards up with your head while teetering up a step ladder is even worse!

More bloody battens!

Next job was to build a porchway into our lounge as we  didn't want to walk straight into the lounge from the street....

The studwork was first.....

We then decided to remove part of the wall and a doorway at the bottom of the stairs to make it a little more 'open plan'....

The first 'twister' step you can see in this shot is where I spent a lot of time with my head in my hands and verging on tears!

After almost 12 months of really hard work, I replastered walls, put up new ceilings, replaced skirting boards, doorframes and doors.... the work was complete...

The new porchway, complete with double doors to make getting larger items in and out of the house that bit easier....

One little finishing off job I need to do is to put a small cupboard around the electric meter in the porchway.

The newly opened up stairwell....

The fireplace complete with my Greek helmet purchased while on holiday a few years ago!

Unusually for a terraced house our lounge is quite large, measuring over 22' in length and 17' in width. This, to the delight of my Wife has given us room to place a dining area at one end. After a year of eating meals on our knees while covered in dust with a dust sheet hanging at our window as a curtain we're extremely happy to be finally getting back to normality!

It's a good feeling to look around and think that every screw, every nail, every lick of paint has been done by my own hand but believe me I'm glad this stage of the renovation is over!

I now plan to have a couple of months break before starting work on our kitchen which although small, needs to be gutted and completely refurbished...... Oh how I look forward to that little project.... not.


  1. Congrats on all the hard work. It took us five years to finish our terrace (and I really need to start decorating again now!) and it's tiring but worth it in the long run.

  2. Cheers Andy. Yup, hard work indeed but as you say very worthwhile.

  3. now this is what I call real good wargaming modelling :))

    Hard work... 12 months... That must have been hard sometimes...

  4. The Queen should get you for Windsor Castle , it needs a bit of Medieval authenticity


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