Monday, 9 May 2011

HaT French Dragoons : A first attempt

Well, here's my very first attempt at  a cavalry unit for my Plastic Naps project. ...

HaT French Dragoons

For a first attempt I'm quite pleased with the figures, though the actual detail on some of the casts is quite poor in places. The horses took much longer to paint than the riders and the photo doesn't show them in their best light but hey, as I've said before, I'm no painter and Im happy with them.

The bases still need a bit of scatter material applying (agian I'm not one for spending ridiculous amounts of time on bases .... Life's too short! ) and they also need a blast of varnish to bring out the colours (I use Vallejio which really enriches the colours)  There's also the buckles etc to pop into the harnesses..... So, that's those out of the way and I'm onto another Austrian infantry unit ...... More boomin' white!

The project is coming along steadily ... or should I say slowly? ... 4 x 12 figure Austrian infantry units done and dusted and the same number of French line infantry. My plan is to get the following together by the end of the year:


4  x 'Divisions'
Each consisting of :
 4 x 12 figure line infantry units
1 x 6 figure cavalry uits (the 4th Divisions being Heavy)
1 x Artillary battery

 Austrian :

As the French force but using a 50/50 mix of Austrian and Russian troops (2 x Austrian  Divisions and 2 x Russian)

Total : 384 Infantry figures, 36 x Light cavalry figures , 12 x Heavy cavalry figures plus 8 guns and crews.

I'm hoping this will at least give me a starting force to enable me to get gaming early 2012 and once up and running I'll continue to add troops in the future.


  1. Perfectly serviceable wargames troops, Steve! What rules are you planning to use, or had you gotten that far yet?


  2. Haven't really got thar far yet Peter. I like the idea of rules with no figure removal during play and I may have a stab of writing my own set .... Either that or steal the best bits of other rule systems!



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