Thursday, 12 May 2011

Best painting tip received so far ...

As a complete newbie to Napoleonic 1/72nd figure painting I'm continually looking for tips. A few days ago I came across this ... The Carpet General is a superb painter, much better than I am or ever will ever be and although I love his work and his techniques I certainly haven't got the patience to copy them!

However, I did try his flesh painting procedure and must admit that this is the best tip I've come across so far. I was painting flesh 'flat' with a wash but could never get it right, After copying the Generals' technique whereby all flesh areas are painted black (He actually undercoats the whole figure black, something I can't do with my Austrians although I do with my Frenchies) after this small 'dabs' of flesh are applied to the cheeks, chin, nose etc.

Now my figures even using this technique don't look as neat as the Generals but the overall effect is 100% better. So thank you General for a blinding tip!


  1. Check out the tutorials section at

    Lots of people have learned to improve their painting skills there.


  2. That guys figures are really superb. I'd never get any gaming done by the time I could paint to that standard!


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