Monday, 18 April 2011

A little further on

Another week passes me by and I'm making slow progress on my plastics Nap project. I have 6 x 12 figure infantry units painted up (3 x French, 3 x Austrian) and these now await basing.

I'm planning on making each Division, Battlegroup, Army .... call it what you will, 3-4 infantry units, 1 x Light cavalry unit (every 3rd cavalry being heavy) and 1 x gun battery in strength. I'm not going down the road of trawling through historical OOB's as I just want 2 well balanced forces with which to eventually game with.

To break the monotony a little I am considering including a Russian or Prussian force to fight alongside my Austrians and possibly a Bravarian 'Division' to pop alongside the French...but we'll see.

Right, I'm off to scout the plastics ranges for useful Austrian and French Light cavalry..... Any suggestions will be gratefully received!


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