Sunday, 6 February 2011

Gary Moore : The sad passing of a true guitar hero

Today I heard the sad news of the death of Gary Moore. As a life long fan of Thin Lizzy I was fortunate enough to see them play several times during the early 80's but unfortunately never with Gary in the line-up.

Gary left and re-joined the band on several occasions and his relationship with Phil Lynott was sometimes strained to say the least, but when the two of them got together the result was some of the finest rock music ever produced. Gary's style of playing fitted perfectly into the Lizzy 'machine' and  from the Celtic riffing on the amazing 'Black Rose' to the beautiful soloing on 'Still in love with you'. Gary certainly left his mark on the bands history....... I for one will greatly miss the man and his music. God bless you Gary. Rest in peace.

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  1. I'll second those sentiments Steve. A great guitarist. And a great loss at only 58.


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