Thursday, 3 September 2015

Napoleonic Advice!

Surprisingly enough after more years than I care to remember, I've realised that I've never played out an actual, historical battle on my tabletop. Sure, as a youngster I played my version of Waterloo and D-Day ... Didn't we all?, but I've never properly sat down and figured out how to replay a historical encounter.
The reason? Well to be honest, where do you start?. Do I have enough figures?, how do I recreate the terrain?
Having started work on my Snappie Naps project again perhaps this would be a perfect opportunity to work on and organise the build up to playing such a game. I don't need thousands of figures, I'm lucky enough to have a permanent war game room so really there's no excuse.
First things first I suppose, which battle? I have a collection of French, Russian and Austrian troops ( the Russian and French forces roughly equal the total size of the French force) so can anyone suggest a battle in which all three forces can be employed?
Although I love my history you can probably tell that I'm no 'buff' when it comes to the subject, so any suggestions or info on as to how I go about this latest project would be gratefully received.

Thanks everyone.

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  1. Austerlitz would be the most obvious choice for Austrians, Russians and French on one table - and there's even a scenario for it in the SN rules, too!

    Otherwise you'd have to go to late 1813 or 1814 for those three nations to be on the field together. .


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