Tuesday, 1 September 2015

'Down-scaled' Buildings & Snappy Naps

Over the past day or so I've found myself giving yet more thought to my Napoleonic collection and thought it about time that I get back back to my Snappy Nap project.
I've always liked the grand tactical Napoleonic game and Snappy Nappies grabbed my attention as soon as I came across it. I really like the simplicity of the system and especially the combat resolution whereby a units morale status determines its combat effectiveness.
Anyway, the one thing I'm lacking for my Napoleonic games is scenery. I decided at the start of the project that I would down-scale the scenery as it just looks 'right' for a game of this type (I.e grand tactical) ... Up to yet though I've done nothing about it!
So this evening I thought I'd look online for some free downloadable paper buildings and see how they look. I found a site (one of many out there) and printed a couple off just to see how they look and although they are probably around the 10mm scale, I think they look pretty good.
The one I hastily put together here is standing alongside a 1/72nd WWII figure just for comparison ( I couldn't be bothered to get up into the loft to grab a few Napoleonic figures) and yes, they are very small but when we consider buildings footprints on our tabletops at the scale we are playing our battles at, I think they will be just fine.

I think with a little groundwork and perhaps a little brushwork, these little buildings will do just fine. Time to stock up on printer ink, card stock and glue me thinks!


  1. Although I use (more or less) 25/28mm terrain with my troops of the same scale, dropping down to 15mm or even smaller works OK - maybe even better, especially for Grand tactical games like Snappy Nappy!

    1. Hoping to group a few of these together on a single base to represent villages, towns etc. perhaps leaving one or two removable so troops can be placed as garrison.


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