Wednesday, 19 August 2015

WWII Game (part 3)

Having neutralised the U.S. Armoured support the German infantry continue to pile the pressure on the U.S. infantry squad occupying the house at the road junction. After a couple of turns of intense rifle and mortar fire they are eventually cleared by close assault.
After a doomed attack on the flank the U.S. Forces now severely depleted, withdraw from the field.

German infantry squads pour fire into the building at the road junction.

A German infantry squad storms the building clearing it of U.S. defenders.

The U.S. force send a half track and infantry squad against the German left flank to try and gain some kind of advantage. The unfortunate squad is rapidly destroyed by the crossfire of two enemy squads. The U.S. Force has no option but to withdraw.

A very enjoyable game and it was nice to be rolling dice again instead of brandishing the paintbrush!
I desperately need more scenery though so that will be my next plan of action.


  1. Glad it worked well!

    Good terrain is always a worthwhile investment of time and/or money, as most of it can be used for multiple periods.

    1. I couldn't agree more Peter. I actually believe that more time and effort should be made on the terrain than the actual figures used on it. The tabletop terrain is by far the most obvious visual feature of any wargame in my opinion and one of my pet hates is beautifully painted figures placed on really hastily arranged terrain.


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