Tuesday, 18 August 2015

First 20mm WWII game! (Part 1)

Last week. I decided to give the modelling / painting a bit of a rest and try out a quick game. I used what can only be called a 'mash up' of Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargame rules with a few bits of Bolt Action cherry picked just for good measure.
The rules are ultra simple but upon looking back at the game, gave very similar results. The main thing was it was very enjoyable!
The two forces were chosen at random and the game itself was loosely based on two forces encountering each other as they both attempted to capture a vital road junction....

A view from the hill showing the road running down to the road junction.

Another view of the field.

The game started with the U.S. forces attacking directly up the road towards the junction. After surviving a shot from the German panzer the half track and its infantry squad finally made it to cover with the infantry occupying the small building overlooking the road junction.


  1. The set up is very attractive, Steve! Simple rules have a lot to be said for them, especially when the number of units on the table is small - it lets the tactical decisions dominate the game over playing the fine points of the rules!

  2. Thank you Peter, I really enjoyed the game and have to say that simple rules are definitely the way to go for me. They worked really well and it was good to see that the armour didn't take control of the table. Far too many WWII games I've played in the past have ended up as nothing more than tank duels.


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