Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Plans afoot!

Ok, so the gaming bug has hit again but this time I plan to just go with the flow and not pressurise myself too much into getting things done. Quite simply I'll be doing what I like, when I like!
My Naps are ready to go so no more plans to extend the collection just simply play every now and then. The only thing I require for this is more scenery and down scaled 15mm buildings.
My other project will be WWII in 1/76th scale (20mm.. ish) for this I've so far got hold of some really cheap eBay bargain figures (matchbox) which will need painting up but a bargain at less than a tenner for a hundred figures!
As for vehicles, guns etc these will again be eBay bargain basement purchases... Ready built if possible as I'm determined not to get bogged down in spending months on end building my forces before I can even get a game in.
Again scenery will be purchased ready made whenever possible.
Rules?.... All I can say is that I read a book by Neil Thomas recently which covered both eras and 'simple' is most definitely the word.... I loved them. Dead easy, no endless charts just great fun and very reminiscent of the rules I started out within the 70's. The rules can be easily tweaked but I do t intend to mess around too much with them.... Keep it simple.... Keep it fun!

Stay tuned.

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