Monday, 8 April 2013

French 7th Hussars (Work in progress)

Here's my attempt at painting up a few Italeri French Hussars as the 7th....

... Still quite a bit of tidying up to do and their mounts to finish. I'm still not 100% sure on the colour of their plumes. The plate 'm working off shows them as grey .... but I'm not sure. If anyone knows otherwise please let me know! A colourful bunch and I'm sure they'll make a fine addition to the already existing French cavalry I've put together for my Snappy Nap games.

UPDATE  There's been a few comments on TMP  regarding the actual uniform shown here and recommending the removal of the epaulettes and possibly the colpack's which were apparently only worn by officers. I considered making these alterations for all of ten minutes before deciding not to bother. I appreciate that some gamers take great care in researching their uniforms and making any necessary alterations etc but I'm afraid I'm not one of them... Life's too short to count buttons!  So long as the figures resemble what they are intended to represent and the paint job is tidy then I'm happy.

Just as a footnote, here are the early Austrians I painted up as Hungarian fusiliers last week all finished with their flocked bases...

Hopefully I'll have the Hussars completely finished in the next day or so and I'll pop a few more pics up then.



  1. Hussars are among the hardest troops to do well - and the best looking when you do! These are well on their way, Steve.

  2. Thanks Peter. I agree, Hussars are a real pain to paint up but are well worth the effort as they are one of the most colourful units to field.

  3. They look great Steve, the gold braid looks very good.

    The Austrians look great too, the trouser paint job really works well.

    No stopping you now mate!


  4. Cheers Lee, I'm painting up as much as I can to take my mind off Stoke City's relegation battle... "We're all doomed I tell ya"!.. But seriously, I'm actually enjoying painting again for the first time in ages and I'm making the most of the painting 'urge' while it's still with me.

    All the best mate,

  5. I agree with you on ignoring the sniping from the Button Brigade, but for whatever it's worth, the Armchair General's website shows colpacks being worn by the 7th Hussars' elite company!

    Best regards,


    1. Cheers Chris. Well that's it then, my figures represent the 7th Hussars' elite company!

      All the best,


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